The Tin Tinker

The Tin Tinker is carrying on the tradition with our beautiful handcrafted ornaments. Each one of our items blends old-world style with a delicate simplicity that will fit perfectly in your home this holiday season.
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Tin Tinker of Doylestown

The history of tradition.

The Tin Tinker began in the mid-1990s by Edward Torr as a gift to his daughter, Lorrie Clauss, who was selling her handmade reproduction goose feather Christmas trees. She needed tiny ornaments to decorate the trees that were just right. Thinking about what would be an old-world style craft to blend with the historical character of the goose feather trees, after dabbling a bit, he soon made his first tiny tin snowflake. After 53 years in the commercial baking and confectionary industry, he retired and his life as the original Tin Tinker began. The tradition lives on with the Tin Tinker’s Daughter.

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